Numly™ unveils its brand new 2022 HR PULSE REPORT

Business Challenges Numly’s Solutions
Low Employee Engagement Take a proactive approach to increase employee engagement by staying up to date on employee sentiment with Numly’s employee engagement Pulse Surveys
Lack of Critical Skills Just in time microtraining combined with structured coaching sessions to reinforce and fully integrate learning and development of critical skills
High Attrition Dedicated learning opportunities to empower the employees feel more confident and empowered, improve leader/employee relationships, and decrease attrition.
Lack of Resources for Training Programs and Cultural Change Create a sustainable coaching culture and internal coaching program at a fraction of the cost of deploying coaching at all levels of an organization

Building a Coaching Culture - Numly Coaching Habit

Learn Skills through Habits,
Become a Sustainable Leader

Building a Coaching Culture- Numly Coaching Habit

Are your managers/ people leaders playing the role of a coach for their teams? Build internal coaches who apply their learnings within their teams to create a sustainable coaching culture.

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