Numly™ unveils its brand new 2022 HR PULSE REPORT



Self / Team / Organizations



Pulse Surveys to evaluate Strengths & Weaknesses and Employee Sentiment



Built-in Coaching Programs, Carefully Curated Learning Content and Real-time Engagement Analytics



Personalized & Contextual Feedback


Learning Interactions

Scalable Coaching System

How the Platform Works

Drive and Scale Coaching with Structure

  • Develop Career Development Pathways and build Coaching Networks within Teams
  • Provide transparency on employees’ Upskilling journey to their Managers with ease
  • Enable Manager-Led Coaching to help Managers and Non-People Manager Leaders leverage technology and structured coaching guidance to deliver results

Improve Efficacy of Learning with continuous Coaching and continuous eLearning

  • Design and deploy your own Coaching Programs or choose from the pre-build Programs packed with Critical Skills
  • Incorporate a Coaching culture within Teams by connecting people and making them work together, supported by eLearning as an extension to Coaching
  • Leverage curated content or complement and extend eLearning by linking to third-party Learning Management Platforms such as WorkDay, CornerStone, Oracle, edcast, and Coursera

Pulse Survey: Improve Retention and Trust within teams

  • Build Psychologically Safe Networks within Teams on a ‘privacy-first’ platform to enable employees to feel safe with their coaches
  • Through Manager-Led Coaching, implement Happiness Pulse Surveys to evaluate teams’ responses
  • Control both internal and external Attrition and improve Retention by building trusted bridges across teams

Gain Actionable Insights through People and Program Analytics

  • Develop Coaching Pathways at scale through Numly patented Coaching-Network based Skill Strength and Skill Gap Measurement and Analytics
  • Measure Coaching Program Efficacy and Upskilling Progress through Pulse survey
  • See aggregated data and trends

Want to create an effective coaching culture in your organization but worried about the budget constraints? Build an internal, self-sustaining coaching culture at a fraction of the cost of coaching everyone in your organization.

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