Numly Joins NVIDIA Inception Program

Better Employee Performance Through Coaching


Improve Employee Productivity and Performance

Empower your employees to coach each other on a wide range of soft and hard skills by tapping into built-in programs and processes on the NumlyEngage coaching platform.


Reinforce and Extend eLearning

Leverage coaching as an extension of eLearning to develop and refine your skills in an iterative and continuous process.


Identify, Attract and Retain Top Talent

Identify and nurture high-potential talent using Mentoring Journey Maps and analytics.


Maintain and Improve Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is more crucial yet more challenging than ever, as Working from Home becomes the new normal. Build a culture of inclusion and support with active coaching to strengthen the bond, keep employees engaged, and increase job satisfaction. 

50% of Women and Millennials have voiced their concerns about lack of support from Direct Managers and Career Growth opportunities.
75% of Disengaged employees ultimately leave the company.


Build a Culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Cultivate trust and long-term relationships with employees.

Increase employee job satisfaction, improve employee engagement, and lower employee attrition rates by over 75%.


Gain Visibility into Employee Performance and Engagement Analytics

Gain actionable insights from attrition and skill dashboards and performance management analytics.


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Sample Programs


  • Leadership Skills Development
  • Sales Management Skills Development
  • Inside Sales Coaching

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  • Innovation in Engineering 
  • Problem Solving Skills Development  
  • Communication Skills Development

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  • Core Values Skills Development Program
  • New Hire Skills Development Program
  • New Manager Skills Development Program
  • Women Leadership Skills Development Program 
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Skills Development Program
  • Anger Management Skills for Managers

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How Numly is Different

Provide Skill-Specific Coaching

  • Pair Coach/Jedi based on each skill
  • Practice makes perfect – learn in a continuous and iterative process

Tap into In-House Skill Sets

  • Empower employees to coach each other
  • Complement eLearning programs and external coaches

Leverage Packaged Programs & Third-Party Learning Content

  • Take advantage of built-in programs tailored for key enterprise functions for fast deployment and quick results
  • Access complementary third-party learning content through easy integrations

Modernize Coaching with Science

  • Enhance coaching effectiveness with AI and Machine Learning
  • Optimize the learning experience for each individual with behavior-driven notifications, alerts, reminders, and more

Ensure Security & Compliance

  • HIPAA, GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act, PCI DSS & SOX compliant
  • Strong firewall of information privacy for Coach and Jedi communications

Enterprise Functions

Human Resources
Executive Staff

HR Led Corporate Programs

Onboarding & Training
Management Development
  • VP & Senior Leadership Development
    Skills Development
    Up-skilling / Re-skilling
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  • Individuals
    Women Leaders
    Millennials, Gen-Z
    New Hires
    New Managers
    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Champions
    High Potential / Top Talent
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  • 185+ soft skills
  • 16 PF self evaluation
  • Global dashboards
  • Many-to-many Coach/Jedi pairings
  • AI-driven, personalized, contextual nurture touch points
Easy to Use
  • Self evaluations on skills, built-in customizable engagement programs
  • Fast deployments across employee journeys
Committed to Privacy
  • Secure and portable
  • Lifetime end user privacy commitment
Secure & Compliant
  • HIPAA, GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act, PCI DSS & SOX compliant
  • Privacy-first platform, strong firewall of information privacy for individuals
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