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FDBKPro Enterprise Mentoring Platform

Numly™ Launches NumlyEngage™ – the World’s First AI & Machine Learning Enabled Enterprise Mentoring Platform

By Numly

Cupertino (California)-based Numly, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of its first secure, cloud-based and privacy-centered, Enterprise Mentoring Platform – FDBKPro.

Targeted at the next generation of leaders and working professionals, at the world’s leading high growth, global companies, FDBKPro brings patent-pending AI technology, to help every professional nurture their core behavioral skills and accelerate their careers, by developing trusted, long-term relationships with their peers and mentors and leveraging their network to grow.

“Employee Engagement and Talent Development are now a Board-level priority for most CEO’s. AI and machine intelligence will be a key aspect of the Future Workplace, helping companies to proactively guide and nurture their employees’ core behavioral skills and competencies and to develop them to grow. Leveraging decades of research, the AI-based FDBKPro Mentoring Platform, makes it easy for professionals to gather continuous and structured, actionable, behavioral feedback from their most-trusted network of peers and mentors. End-user driven, sharing and privacy controls ensures all interactions with mentors are secure and private. This is a key step to propel true behavioral change leading to career growth”, says Madhukar Govindaraju, Founder and CEO of Numly, Inc.

Madhukar, an Official Member of the Forbes Technology Council and an ex-VMware, Microsoft, TriNet HR, Saba Software and SAP AG software executive, launched Numly to bring AI to the Future of Work.

The FDBKPro Mentoring Platform utilizes decades of research by highly-experienced HR and Talent Development experts. It helps one focus on the key competencies that really matter – instead of hundreds of different skills and behaviors. With FDBKPro, professionals can define a better career path and achieve their goals and objectives by building long-term, trusted relationships with industry-leading mentors.

FDBKPro is free to use for acceptable, personal use, of any individual registered user. It is an extremely secure and easy-to-use, cloud-based software application where all the information about the end user’s feedback and comments is private to the mentor and the end user. Sign up for free at or download the app from App Store / Play Store.

About Numly, Inc.
Numly’s mission is to innovate with numbers, at the confluence of People, AI and Machine Intelligence, and to empower the next-generation of Leaders to nurture their talent and grow in the modern, global workplace. The company’s secure, cloud-based software offerings, brings AI to enterprises and working professionals, in all industries and verticals, world-wide. Headquartered in Cupertino, California, Numly is committed to bringing breakthrough innovations and drive global impact. For more information, please visit