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Numly™, Inc. launches Coach to Succeed: Empower Your Managers to Coach with Confidence

Numly™, Inc. Launches “Coach to Succeed: A 60-Day Pilot” to Empower People Managers to Coach with Confidence

By Numly

Numly™, Inc. launches “Coach to Succeed: A 60-Day Pilot” to empower People Managers to coach with confidence and build Winning Teams

BELLEVUE , WASHINGTON , USA, May 18, 2022 / — The quality of an organization’s relationships with its employees makes a bigger contribution to financial performance than that of any other primary stakeholder group. The last 18 months have redefined the reality of work, with employees valuing the ‘sense of belonging’, engagement and flexibility as much as their paychecks, thereby making development of power skills of Leadership, Communication, and Problem Solving more important than ever. But do People Managers today exhibit all contributing Leadership Skills that lead to a great Employee Dialogue? And if not, Coaching is the answer!

Numly’s Coach to Succeed: A 60-Day Pilot empowers People Managers to coach with confidence. The 60-day Pilot allows companies to experience the NumlyEngage™ platform and provides People Managers in your organization, an opportunity to improve their Power Skills and embark on the journey to become more empathetic Leaders. Here is Numly’s call to action to all HR Leaders.

Hand-pick 5 to 10 People Managers in your organization to participate in this 60-day pilot program, where they will:

– Focus on improving Dialogue, Teamwork, and critical development skills including Active Listening, and Giving Powerful Feedback.
– Conduct virtual live coaching sessions with their teammates and others in the pilot
– Gain access to exclusive content for expert guidance on becoming better Leaders
– Network with and learn from other People Managers

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Along with Manager-led Coaching, this pilot also emphasizes on building Coaching Networks within Teams for various Career Development Pathways, so the network becomes much more impactful than individual Managers alone. The Coaching Experience has been designed specifically to help Managers and (Non-People Manager) Leaders, in any organization, to leverage technology and structured coaching guidance within the platform to deliver on results.

“If you want to transform the employee experience, start with the manager experience. A big part of being a manager is motivating and supporting a team to drive business success from each individual contributor on the team. This involves developing career goals, managing work contributions, communicating business strategies, and supporting employees through major life events”, says Tilmin Hudson, VP of WW Sales at Numly. “Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, a manager also needs to invest time and toil to get the returns of a happy productive employee. The teams are a reflection of the managers. The better the manager, the better the team.”

“The financial impact of Employee Dialogue in the workplace is highly underestimated” says Madhukar Govindaraju, CEO of Numly. “Organizations need to help employees, managers, and leaders learn the tricks to ‘effective’ and ‘timely’ communication. The Coach to Succeed Pilot Program focuses on the root of growth, i.e., Managers, in any organization. Empowering managers to become better Leaders will improve retention and power growth for every organization.”

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Numly™, Inc.
Numly™, Inc. is the provider of NumlyEngage™, a Next-Generation, Coaching Network and Upskilling Platform for critical skills that accelerates employee engagement, performance, and growth for enterprise customers, especially in the new normal of the hybrid work environments. Numly’s mission is to build Winning Teams with Continuous Coaching, Career Pathing, Critical Skills Development, and People Connections. NumlyEngage™ features built-in coaching programs, curated learning content, as well as integrations with third-party learning management systems, offering a Next-Gen Learning and Coaching Experience for its customers. Learn more about Numly at

About NumlyEngage™
NumlyEngage™ is a Next-Gen, Coaching and Upskilling (B2B) SaaS Platform for critical skills that accelerates employee engagement, performance, and growth for enterprises. Numly’s platform helps companies to improve employee engagement through Manager-led and Expert Coaching, Critical Skills Development, and People Connections via a privacy-first, enterprise coaching network.

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