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Numly™, Inc. Unveils its Summer 2023 Release of NumlyEngage™: Nurturing Resilience and Fostering Inclusivity for Organizational Success

Numly™, Inc. Unveils its Summer 2023 Release: Nurturing Resilience and Fostering Inclusivity for Organizational Success

By Numly

Numly™, Inc. is thrilled to announce the Summer 2023 Release of NumlyEngage™ focused on enhancing Resilience in Global Teams & Organizations.

BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON, USA, July 12, 2023/ — Numly™, Inc. is thrilled to announce the Summer 2023 Release of NumlyEngage™, focused on enhancing Resilience in Global Teams & Organizations.

In an increasingly competitive and dynamic business environment, Organizational Resilience has emerged as a critical focus for many organizations, both during and post layoffs. The ability to bounce back from setbacks, adapt to change, and maintain high levels of productivity and well-being is crucial for long-term success. Recognizing this growing need, Numly, Inc. has been proactively adding advanced AI-based capabilities that allow organizations to go beyond traditional Coaching methods and scale Internal Coaching and Development with new innovative features for Managers and Leaders.

Numly’s commitment to enhancing Resilience, with Organizational Analytics, is rooted in its understanding of the multifaceted challenges faced by employees and organizations today. Innovations like Numly’s Connected Leadership Framework are cutting-edge approaches for organizations of any size to cultivate resilient teams. Connected Leaders leverage compassion, empathy, and trust to guide networked teams and individuals throughout their work. This helps Leaders develop organizational resilience in a structured and measurable way, and enable teams to achieve remarkable levels of performance.

Numly, Inc. is excited to announce the Summer release of NumlyEngage, focusing on inclusive communication and a seamless coaching experience. The release introduces AI-enabled Live Audio Captions, ensuring accessibility for individuals with an hearing impairment, language barriers, or preferences for reading. Additionally, the Secure Calendar Integration feature simplifies scheduling by seamlessly connecting with Office 365 and Google Workspace Calendar applications. These innovative features empower individuals and teams to thrive, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment.

“Numly continues to prioritize customer value, and as part of this commitment, we have also launched two new online Coaching and Learning programs tailored for Managers and Career-growth focused Professionals. Led by Numly’s ICF Certified Coaches, these 12-month programs offer personalized support, addressing participants’ unique needs and circumstances.”says Akshay Praneeth, Product Manager – Numly, Inc.

These programs offer comprehensive access to the NumlyEngage™ platform. With a vast library of over 225 Connected Leadership Skills and 450+ Behavioral Learning Areas/Topics, participants gain access to a wealth of resources curated for Continuous Learning. The platform’s embedded eLearning Content ensures a structured and dynamic learning experience, empowering professionals to develop their leadership skills and nurture their professional growth. With analytics and data-driven processes within its Coaching and Learning platform, NumlyEngage empowers participants to make informed decisions, accelerate their learning, and achieve tangible results in their personal and professional development.

“Smart Leaders embrace opportunities even as they reduce spending. They invest in Growth through Uncertainty and Adversity. True Resilience in Organizations involves more than recovering from or adapting well to the effects of adversity. It is about their People and their Teams, and the ability to emerge even stronger. Resilient organizations pursue Management Efficiency with Effectiveness, by adopting a growth mindset often seen at successful early-stage startups. NumlyEngage™ enables organizations to develop Resilience in a very structured manner by incorporating a new and innovative Connected Leadership Framework.”says Madhukar Govindaraju, CEO – Numly, Inc.

“Numly has been very responsive in their service and works with us as a team to develop what works best for our specialized needs as a County. The team is always willing to innovate and improve services!”.says Judy Kwitnieski, Learning and Organizational Development Team Leader, Loudoun County, Commonwealth of Virginia.

About Numly:
Numly™, Inc. is the provider of NumlyEngage™, an Analytics-enabled, Coaching Management and Learning platform for critical skills, that accelerates employee engagement, performance, and growth for companies. It has built-in Coaching programs, carefully curated Learning Content, Pulse Surveys and Real-time Engagement Analytics, as well as integrations with third-party Learning Management Systems, offering an innovative and effective Learning and Coaching Experience for its customers. Numly helps companies target the right Learning and Development investments, continuously backed by Data and Analytics. NumlyEngage enables companies to create better leaders and better teams by scaling Internal Coaching and Manager-led career pathing, and by building a strong bench of Connected Leaders at all levels.

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