Numly Joins NVIDIA Inception Program

Coaching Strategies of Leaders whilst Getting the Work Done and Ensuring the Well-Being of Their Teams

As most organizations embrace the future of work and new work dynamics, the focus on driving employee productivity without compromising well-being continues.  Leaders in this new, hybrid and evolving work environment have to discover new strategies to build productivity, performance, and connection within the workplace and promote the right work culture. Top-down command and control […]

The Managers’ Role in Protecting Their Teams From Toxic Work Culture

Toxic culture is a workplace illness that can be caused due to increased absences, tardiness, and lack of cohesion among collaborating teams. Toxic work culture not only impacts employee retention but also impacts productivity and overall company turnover.  Toxic work cultures cause 10 times more resignations in the corporate world!  In most corporate settings, there […]

The 4 Must-Have KPIs for Leaders who Wish to Build Winning Teams

In this disruptive world of work, leaders are responsible for creating winning teams that contribute positively to the organization’s bottom line. While there is no secret sauce for building such a team, some proven principles can act like the Holy Grail that can aid this process.  One of the most important things when building winning […]

The Role of Coaching in Improving the Mental Health of Employees in the Workplace

The conversation around mental health has been going on for some time now. Prior to the pandemic, it was often a knee-jerk action, a response to pressure from the workforce. Increasing the focus on mental health has become imperative today. Navigating the constant uncertainties and transitions of the past two years has been tough even […]

Numly™ Announces its Third Annual Numly™ SKILLS’future 2022 Program

Numly™, Inc. Launches its Third Annual Numly™ SKILLS’future 2022 Program to drive better Performance & phenomenally improve Employee Engagement in Organizations. BELLEVUE , WA , USA, August 9, 2022 / — Today’s hybrid workplace demands various power skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, effective communication, collaboration, creativity, and growth mindsets in their workforce, as critical […]

Reasons Why Managers Must Transition into Coaches NOW!

We have heard that people don’t leave organizations, they leave bad managers. But what is a ‘bad’ manager? The toxic, judgmental, and biased ones can be put into this category easily. Does the absence of these traits then automatically mean that they are good managers? We have seen this scenario play out too often across […]

Managers Need to Focus on Coaching Rather Than Managing – Here is Why and How

The need for proactive feedback has had companies moving away from annual performance reviews. A yearly conversation no longer suffices to drive performance, productivity, and profitability.  In a utopian world, managers capably lavish proactive feedback to their teams and direct reportees. In the real world, this is rare. This is not because managers do not […]

A Manager’s Guide on Coaching Conversations

Today’s enterprises have identified that the traditional “boss” needs to be replaced with modern, forward-thinking, empathetic leadership. Dropping orders from a place of position is no longer a relevant leadership strategy. Increasingly organizations are discovering that coaching leaders deliver better pathways to progress. Developing coaching skills in managers thus becomes a key organizational prerogative.  The […]

Don’t Underestimate the Impact of Employee Dialogue in the Workplace

Engaged employees are an asset in today’s disruptive business and economic environment. Organizations spend a sizable amount of time, resources, and money to identify ways to drive engagement at work. As the workplace dynamics change and evolve in response to disruption, identifying meaningful ways to drive engagement emerges as a key organizational prerogative. The role […]

When Managers Transition into Coaches, They Need a Mindset Shift

Almost all elite athletes or professional teams have coaches. The coaches identify their performance gaps and deliver direction and strategy for winning outcomes. They define championship-level strategies to help players reach their potential. These coaches are the connective tissue that identifies talent and hone it to produce extraordinary results. Coaching has now become essential to […]

What is Coaching Leadership? When to Use it for Success

Leadership is challenging because  it is tricky. It is constantly changing, shifting, and evolving to meet the changing dynamics of the business and work environment. Present-day and future leaders now need a new arsenal of strategies and skills to lead effectively as the world of work becomes hybrid, change becomes constant, and disruption becomes a […]

Numly™, Inc. launches two new features on its platform, NumlyEngage™, to simplify the Manager-led Coaching Experience

Numly™, Inc. launches two new features on its platform, NumlyEngage™, to simplify the Manager-led Coaching Experience BELLEVUE , WASHINGTON , USA, June 15, 2022 / — Engaged employees are those who are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to work, and their workplace. Engaged employees are invested in their workplace, want it to succeed, and […]