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Numly Joins Hands with SmartHabit to Offer Enhanced Coaching & Engagement Programs

Numly™ Partners with SmartHabit To Launch Enhanced Pre-Packaged Coaching and Employee Engagement Programs

By Numly

Numly™ brings together the Art & Science of Coaching and Skills Development to create Habits of Mindset and Performance that work with SmartHabit.

CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 4, 2020 / — Numly™, a frontrunner in providing Employee Engagement solutions, today announces that it has joined efforts with SmartHabit, a human, business, and technological transformation provider, to offer enhanced employee engagement bundle programs.

The partnership will see Numly’s packaged Employee Engagement programs enhanced with coaching content tailored for each learning and training module. Each of the newly revamped Numly Engagement Programs will now include SmartHabit Masterclasses, SmartHabit Group Huddles and SmartHabit 1:1 Coaching Sessions, all delivered on NumlyEngage™, the world’s leading, AI-enabled, Skills Coaching and Employee Engagement Platform. The goal of the collaboration is to deliver greater value to customers by fine tuning coaching methodology and coach training services to drive human engagement & performance of managers and leaders.

NumlyEngage enables companies to quickly identify employees who are qualified to coach their teammates on specific soft skills, such as Empathy and Communication, as well as hard skills required for each job function, such as Deal Management for Sales or Innovation for Engineering. These “Coaches” will gain access to SmartHabit’s coaching and habit building methodology during the program pilot period, enabling them to empower their teammates more effectively.

Dev Ghoshal, Co-Founder, Senior VP of Alliances & Customer Success, Numly says, “With COVID-19 playing havoc with business plans for industries globally, companies are now worried about employee engagement, development and retention. Increase of remote-working and WFH situations will require even more thoughtful programs to ensure this engagement. Numly’s partnership with SmartHabit provides enterprises with packaged solutions to systematically drive soft-skills adoption, coaching ability and increased engagement across functions such as sales, engineering and customer success that directly impacts their productivity and effectiveness. By including Smarthabit’s “Grow” Coaching methodology and world-class coaches with NumlyEngage’s SaaS solution of skills database, coaching collaboration, and AI enabled nudges, our customers will have the benefit of scaling their own internal coaching expertise while driving the overall learning program. By helping to build a rich coaching community experience, NumlyEngage aims to become the go-to-platform for companies looking to implement sustained engagement practices for their workforces.”

Mike Saporito, Founder and Managing Partner of SmartHabit said, “We are delighted to be partnering with Numly to help more companies scale their leadership development experiences so they can support their people during these extraordinary times. Our goal is to help Numly attract, support and grow the right coaches to enhance the impact of their engagement programs for global organizations. Our team sees this as an exciting opportunity to bring together the best of coaching, technology, and habit science.”

NumlyEngage’s new and enhanced Employee Coaching and Engagement programs will be available in the form of 5 jump start coaching packages, including 3 tailored for managers and 2 for executives.

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Numly™’s mission is to improve employee performance and employee engagement through coaching and soft skills development. NumlyEngage™ Enterprise is an AI-enhanced coaching platform that enables organizations to take a structured approach to soft skills development. With a 16 Personality Factor assessment to jumpstart employee engagement, as well as dozens of packaged Engagement Programs to guide users through a comprehensive database of 185+ soft skills, NumlyEngage™ makes it easy for companies to effectively coach executives, managers, and employees; keep distributed teams engaged and productive; and grow the corporate bench strength to compete in the Future of Work. For more information, visit

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SmartHabit’s mission is to help people create habits of mindset and performance that work. SmartHabit Masterclasses, Group Huddles, and Coaching helps leaders and teams increase personal resilience, enhance relationships, and elevate business performance. For more information, visit

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